Whitefish, Montana is an authentic mountain town, with world-renowned Glacier National Park - "The Crown of the Continent" in our backyard.
Many visitors to our area can be described as “geotravelers.” Geotourism sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place—its environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents. The Garden Wall Inn supports providing products, services and visitor experiences that conserve, preserve, and enhance our area’s “sense of place.”
We are fully committed to sustainability practices: supporting local farmers, recycling, resource conservation, preservation of open space, and appreciation of Montana’s abundant and charismatic wildlife.

We Buy From Local Farms

Our local farmers are our friends and neighbors. By supporting them, we support dozens of family farms, from which we source the best seasonal ingredients.
Whitefish Farmers Market

Glacier — Our Backyard

The Glacier Centennial Green Business Program works with local hotels and businesses to foster a healthy local economy while reducing environmental impacts.
Glacier Green Centennial

Travelers for Open Land

A partnership between travelers and hotels committed to supporting the conservation of Montana’s spectacular viewsheds, abundant and diverse wildlife, and incredible waters.
Travelers for Open Land

Clean the World

We send our gently-used soaps to Clean the World, where they are recycled and distributed to impoverished countries worldwide, and to domestic homeless shelters. Clean the World helps hotels get soap to people who really need it.
Clean the World
Magnificent grizzly bears cruise distant mountainsides. This photo taken by our guest Steve Newman, 2015.Organic Flathead Lake Cherries are a favorite at breakfast.We source seasonal local produce from local farms.Relax along the shores of pristine Whitefish Lake.The Crown of the Continent is home to abundant wildlife.Chocolatier Susan delivering our handmade truffles at Copperleaf Chocolat.You CAN eat the scenery!Our eggs come from farmers Susan and Chad at Earthstar Farm.